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TUX Wallet is a non custodial crypto currency wallet created by Coinyex that allows you to store your favorite coins like TUXC, BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP and all ERC20 tokens!

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TUX Wallet is an ultra secure wallet created by Coinyex that allows you to store your favorite coins safely! Access your cryptos at home or on the go.


Now you can exchange your Crypto Currency to any other crypto currency you want.


Recover your wallet with phrases, crypto currency you want anytime, anywhere.


Send and Receive any crypto you want to your near and dear ones by a single click.


Stack your Crypto safely and earn some exciting rewards.


Store your crypto safely. True privacy and freedom of your digital assets.


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Growing Global Contributors
TUXC has a history of more than 3 years with holders and contributors from around the world. Our community is growing everyday and never too late to get involved.
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What is TUX COIN (TUXC) ?

TUXC is the native utility token that existing the TUX Financial ecosystem.

Contract Address : 0x4b019aaa21e98e212d31e54c843e73ff34d25717

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